Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House

The whole gaming world has followed the development of Diablo 3. One of the most interesting implements Blizzard has made for this game is the real money auction house. The announcement has set reactions through the community, some people applaud Blizzard for this feature and some find it unacceptable. I would like to bring up some of the advantages and negatives.

Do we really need an auction house with real money in this game? When I played Diablo 2, I found myself spending a big time of my playtime sitting in trade channels. That was the only way for me to get the items I wanted, trading is a big part of Diablo 2. Blizzard has stated it will be the same in the next game. Those who have played Diablo 2 are probably familiar with how in game items were sold through underground websites over the internet.

Blizzard is now taking action for this to not happen in Diablo 3 by implementing the auction house. For the players who are willing to use real money as currency this is great. Blizzard taking control over the market will make it much more safe from scams. One could argue about if a gaming company should support real money as currency in a game for virtual items however.

One positive argument for the auction house, is the obvious that you can earn a few extra bucks when you can sell off an item you don’t need or want. The negative side, which most people are afraid of, is how you can gain easy success in the game by spending real money. This will make something outside the game becoming a big factor for how good your character’s gear is.

A auction house with real money can obvious cause unfair game play. Taking a closer look at the game design, it will mostly hurt the player versus player scene. Spending extra real money can give players huge advantages here. The players, who are planning to play through the story with friends, will probably not be as affected as the player versus player community.

Diablo 3 has with its open market caused a problem which Blizzard is now trying to solve with a solution that might just cause new issues for them.

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