How to Make Money in Runescape

Here are a few ways to make easy money in Runescape, a popular MMORPG.
Note : This is mainly for F2P players, as P2P players will have other, more easier methods to make money.

  1. Selling Steel Bars

Requirement : 30 Mining, 30 Smithing, 43 Magic ( Optional)

An easy way to make money is to make steel bars, which sell for 1000 coins each, by mining 2 coal and 1 iron in the dwarven mines, where both can be found. With 43 Magic, Superheat Item can be cast on them, saving time, as instead of smelting the bars in the Falador furnace, you can do it inside the Mines itself. It is recommended that you buy a fire staff (1500 coins in store, 801 coins on GE). The profit when using the Superheat Item spell is 750 coins, as opposed to 1000 coins, but saves time and more can be made per hour.

  1. Selling Air Runes

Requirement : 1 Runecrafting ( But the higher the more money made), 1 Mining, Completion of “Rune Mysteries”

Another way to make money is to run air runes, the altar of which can be found south-west of varrock, close to Barbarian Village. After Mining the Rune essence, you can run to the altar and change them into air runes, which sell for 16 coins each. with 27 essences, 28 if you have air tiara, you can make 432 coins per run. If you have higher runecrafting, however, you can make more air runes per rune essence. Ex. at 22 runecrafting, you make 3 air runes per essence, which increases your profit to 1296 coins per run, which is reasonable.

  1. Selling Rune Essence

Requirement : 1 Mining, Completion of ” Rune Mysteries”

Alternatively, instead of converting the rune essence into any type of rune, you can just sell the rune essence itself, which sells for 71 coins each, making 1988 per run, assuming that the pickaxe is armed. However, someone with 44 runecrafting would be able to make 2160 coins per run with air runes, but it takes a long time to train to 44 runecrafting.

  1. Selling Big Bones

Requirement : Preferably 45+ Combat

A popular way to make money is to kill Hill Giants ( Level 28) and collect the Big Bones that are dropped and sell them in the GE, where they are sold for 649 coins each, making 18172 per full inventory, however, unless you are ranging from a safe spot, you will be needing space for runes and for food, so the amount made will differ.