When to Need on Offspec Gear

Since the advent of the Looking For Dungeon tool in World of Warcraft, an old thorny issue has raised its head again: When should a player roll need versus greed on a piece of loot? Most particularly, if a player has the dual talent specialization, should they roll need on equipment for their ‘off-spec’, the talent tree they’re currently not using?
Before I go any further into this, I’ll clarify that I’m talking about five man instances only, be they regular or heroic. For actual raids of ten man and above, it’s likely the raid leader will specify loot rules at the beginning, and by staying in the group, I would consider the player to be implicitly agreeing to those rules. Likewise, if you’re running a five man instance entirely with friends and/or guild members, you can make up your own rules. If they can’t be trusted to stick to those rules, you need new friends and/or guild members.

With the Looking For Dungeon tool, no one person has initiated the group; you’re all jumping into a queue to be placed with four other random people. Despite the opinions of some players, this to me would make it implicit that no one member of the party is entitled to say what the loot rules should be. If the group discusses it before hand and everyone agrees, fair enough. But in my experience, you’re struggling to get a ‘hello’ out of everyone ninety percent of the time. And even if you end up in a group of chattery types, if you can get five World of Warcraft players to agree unanimously on something, you might want to take up something more rewarding, like brokering peace in the Middle East, or herding cats.

Assuming no such magical agreement has been reached, the game is afoot, and you’re off killing mobs. Now personally, with the trash mobs and their drops, I never tend to need, at least not in the level 80 Northrend dungeons. Any greens that drop are going to end up being disenchanted and used for their materials; with the best will in the world, any enchanter who tells you he ‘needs’ the items for mats is a worthless liar, and should earn a place on your /ignore list. Need is almost universally agreed upon, unusually, as something you click if you’re actually planning to wear the equipment. My main is an enchanter, and I’d never dream of trying something that self-centered.

The boss drops are a little trickier. They’re almost always Bind on Pickup, which means if you greed, you’re either disenchanting them, or selling them to a vendor. And this is where the apparently controversial opinions come in. Some people feel you should only be able to need on something if you’re going to use it in the role you’re playing. In other words, if you’re healing, you should only roll on healing gear, likewise tanking and DPS.

To hell with that.

I have two level 80 characters. A mage, where the issue is irrelevant, as you can have any two specs you like, as long as they’re DPS, and a shaman. And I defy any non-shaman to tell me why a piece of spellcasting gear is better suited to a resto healing spec, versus a DPS elemental spec. Barring minor tweaks to MP5 and Hit Rate, the two are interchangeable. Besides, who else is going to roll on spellcasting mail gear as something they’d need? Hunters? Don’t make me laugh. (Enhancement Shamans and Hunters, however, are probably going to have to duke it out).

Still, I look at it this way. The majority of the random groups you run with, there are going to be no agreed upon rules beforehand. Some times, you can’t even rely on the whole group being able to speak English well (and here, I’m not even thinking about people from countries where English isn’t the first language; I’ve met Americans who can’t spell LOL). The only agreed upon loot mechanics you have are those hardwired into the game. Use those, need on offspec if you like. If you feel someone is abusing these mechanics, you have the votekick and ignore options. So do they. You’ll be surprised how infrequently you may have to use them.

A final note: If you still feel uncomfortable needing on something, ask the group if anyone minds. In the vast majority of cases, no-one will care. It might be useless to their class, and even if they could use it, odds are at this late stage of Wrath of the Lich King, they have something better than that level 200 blue anyhow

How to Make Money in Runescape

Here are a few ways to make easy money in Runescape, a popular MMORPG.
Note : This is mainly for F2P players, as P2P players will have other, more easier methods to make money.

  1. Selling Steel Bars

Requirement : 30 Mining, 30 Smithing, 43 Magic ( Optional)

An easy way to make money is to make steel bars, which sell for 1000 coins each, by mining 2 coal and 1 iron in the dwarven mines, where both can be found. With 43 Magic, Superheat Item can be cast on them, saving time, as instead of smelting the bars in the Falador furnace, you can do it inside the Mines itself. It is recommended that you buy a fire staff (1500 coins in store, 801 coins on GE). The profit when using the Superheat Item spell is 750 coins, as opposed to 1000 coins, but saves time and more can be made per hour.

  1. Selling Air Runes

Requirement : 1 Runecrafting ( But the higher the more money made), 1 Mining, Completion of “Rune Mysteries”

Another way to make money is to run air runes, the altar of which can be found south-west of varrock, close to Barbarian Village. After Mining the Rune essence, you can run to the altar and change them into air runes, which sell for 16 coins each. with 27 essences, 28 if you have air tiara, you can make 432 coins per run. If you have higher runecrafting, however, you can make more air runes per rune essence. Ex. at 22 runecrafting, you make 3 air runes per essence, which increases your profit to 1296 coins per run, which is reasonable.

  1. Selling Rune Essence

Requirement : 1 Mining, Completion of ” Rune Mysteries”

Alternatively, instead of converting the rune essence into any type of rune, you can just sell the rune essence itself, which sells for 71 coins each, making 1988 per run, assuming that the pickaxe is armed. However, someone with 44 runecrafting would be able to make 2160 coins per run with air runes, but it takes a long time to train to 44 runecrafting.

  1. Selling Big Bones

Requirement : Preferably 45+ Combat

A popular way to make money is to kill Hill Giants ( Level 28) and collect the Big Bones that are dropped and sell them in the GE, where they are sold for 649 coins each, making 18172 per full inventory, however, unless you are ranging from a safe spot, you will be needing space for runes and for food, so the amount made will differ.

Travian Guide: 10 Travian MMORPG Game Tips

Travian is a free, massive multiplayer online war game in the style of the Roman Empire that you play in your web browser or on a mobile phone.
Travian can seem complicated to new players so here are some basic suggestions and strategies to get you started:

  1. Read the instructions.

The game moves slowly at first, so use the time to learn more by reading the manual provided by Travian. This will pay dividends later when you don’t have to learn a costly lesson by experience. You can also search the forums to answer questions you still have after reading the manual. There are forums devoted to the game in general and to your specific server. You can read and search them without registering but you must register to post questions or offer suggestions.

Before you ask a question in the forum, be sure to use the search feature to see if it has already been asked.

  1. Choose the right server.

There are millions of players playing the browser game on more than 150 servers in over 30 languages. It is fun to interact with people from other places but make sure to choose a server that uses a language you can read and write well. A new game begins on each server only once every year or so. A new player will find it easier to have fun on a server where the game has just started instead of going up against larger players. The home page gives information about the next server to start and when you can register.

For more advanced players, there are also “speed servers” which are roughly three times as fast as the normal servers and require much more frequent attention.

  1. Pick the best tribe for you.

The majority of players choose to be Romans, who have a good balance between offense and defense and can build structures and resource fields at the same time. Teutons are good for more aggressive players who like to survive by using cheap troops to raid other villages. Gauls have some defensive advantages such as trappers and bigger crannies so this tribe may be better for younger players or those joining an established game.

Teutons may seem to have an initial advantage but in the later stages of the game, Romans have the benefit of more efficient use of wheat.

  1. Build resources first.

It is tempting to fill up your village with buildings when you start out but it is much more important to build resource fields as an investment in the future. Not only do structures cost resources, they use wheat every hour for maintenance. As a new villager, after you raise one of each of the four types of resource fields (wheat, clay, wood, and iron) to level one, you will get a delivery of additional resources brought by merchants from your homeland.

Use your gift of resources to build additional resource fields.

  1. Beginner’s protection doesn’t last forever.

Your welcome message will tell you how long your immunity from other players’ attacks will last–the minimum is three days, but it will be longer if the game has been running for a while. Travian may seem to start out slow, but if there are established players or Teutons near you, expect to be attacked as soon as your beginner’s protection expires. You can prepare by building crannies to protect your resources. If you are a Gaul, you can also build trappers to catch your enemies.

A Teuton can still take 1/3 of the resources that a cranny holds.

  1. Farm or be farmed.

Travian is a war game. You can’t be very successful without taking resources by raiding or attacking other villages. The player taking resources is a farmer and the village he is taking them from is the farm. The main difference between an attack and a raid is that all the troops of one side or the other will die in an attack while in a raid, both sides might have survivors. It is much safer to raid or attack an inactive village, one that is not growing and that the owner has abandoned.

If you attack or raid another village with one troop, it will die even if there are no troops in the village, so always send at least two troops.

  1. Let’s make a deal.

Once you build a marketplace, you can exchange resources with other players to get rid of resources you don’t want for ones you need or simply to make a profit. You can choose trades that other people have listed or post your own. Pay attention to the time it will take to for the merchants to travel if you don’t want to have them tied up for too long. Trading can be confusing at first, so double check what you are sending and receiving before you choose “accept offer”. There is no confirmation screen and once you accept a deal, you can’t cancel it.

The time you see listed is one-way, not round-trip.

  1. Make friends.

After you build an embassy, you can join an alliance. You want to be in the strongest alliance that will accept you. Most alliances will not take you if you are being farmed because it shows that you are a weak player and it makes the alliance look weak as well. Join an alliance based in your area so that you can help each other out with trades and reinforcements, but not one with a lot of members so close that you are competing against each other for resources when farming. You may find that some players will not attack you because you are in an alliance but there may be others who attack you because they are at war with your alliance or because their alliance is much stronger.

A strong, growing alliance is likely to have active members from each of the tribes–Romans, Teutons, and Gauls.

  1. Travian Plus.

Every player gets a small amount of gold to spend on extra resource production or other advantages. Although it is tempting, don’t spend it right away unless you plan to buy or earn more. Because it increases your base production by a percentage, save it to use when your resource fields have reached levels where the additional quantity of resources will be meaningful.

Save some gold to use in an emergency, such as to keep your troops from starving if your wheat fields are destroyed by another player.

  1. Have fun and don’t take it personally.

Travian is a war game so you will be attacked and lose troops and even have your buildings and resource fields destroyed and it’s all just part of the fun. If your village is being farmed by another player, you can ask them to stop, but be polite. You can be banned by an administrator for using rude language in messages. Remember that the other player doesn’t have anything against you personally; he doesn’t even know you. He just wants to take resources or eliminate the competition. Unless you are the number one player in your Travian world, there will always be someone stronger than you are.

If you find that your are overwhelmed and not having any fun at all, you can delete your village and start over on another server. The most important thing is to have fun!

Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House

The whole gaming world has followed the development of Diablo 3. One of the most interesting implements Blizzard has made for this game is the real money auction house. The announcement has set reactions through the community, some people applaud Blizzard for this feature and some find it unacceptable. I would like to bring up some of the advantages and negatives.

Do we really need an auction house with real money in this game? When I played Diablo 2, I found myself spending a big time of my playtime sitting in trade channels. That was the only way for me to get the items I wanted, trading is a big part of Diablo 2. Blizzard has stated it will be the same in the next game. Those who have played Diablo 2 are probably familiar with how in game items were sold through underground websites over the internet.

Blizzard is now taking action for this to not happen in Diablo 3 by implementing the auction house. For the players who are willing to use real money as currency this is great. Blizzard taking control over the market will make it much more safe from scams. One could argue about if a gaming company should support real money as currency in a game for virtual items however.

One positive argument for the auction house, is the obvious that you can earn a few extra bucks when you can sell off an item you don’t need or want. The negative side, which most people are afraid of, is how you can gain easy success in the game by spending real money. This will make something outside the game becoming a big factor for how good your character’s gear is.

A auction house with real money can obvious cause unfair game play. Taking a closer look at the game design, it will mostly hurt the player versus player scene. Spending extra real money can give players huge advantages here. The players, who are planning to play through the story with friends, will probably not be as affected as the player versus player community.

Diablo 3 has with its open market caused a problem which Blizzard is now trying to solve with a solution that might just cause new issues for them.